Marysville Mitts

The Marysville Mitts

A travel baseball program that offers competitive teams and training for the area’s best players, spanning 8U to 15U.


Our Tournament June 4-7, 2020 (8U - 15U)


Our annual Mitts Tournament (The Dean Lowry Memorial Tournament) will be held June 4-7, 2020. (Only local teams will be scheduled to play on Thursday). We will offer all age groups: 8U - 15U.

Last year, we hosted nearly 100 teams - and we consistently receive high satisfaction scores from visiting coaches and families.

Our tournament is structured to provide a competitive atmosphere for teams of all levels. We work hard to ensure everyone enjoys their weekend with us. We appreciate you visiting our city, and we hope you will plan a return trip.

Our Philosophy

To us - competitive baseball means our teams must work to win.

Our players are taught that success is not usually God-given nor luck-driven. Instead, it requires consistent, deliberate effort.

Our teams practice from January through July, and our primary season runs April 1 - July 15. Most teams also schedule fall games and practices (Sept. & Oct.).


Our Mission

We provide our players with: solid baseball skills; an appreciation for teamwork; an understanding that effort leads to growth; and a healthy, competitive mindset.